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Artist   -  Athma Liyanage (View All Songs)
Song   -  Hitha Dura Handa
Key   -  Dm
Beat   -  4/4
Midi File   -  unavailable
Backing Track   -  unavailable
Contributed By   -  Nadish Jayasuriya (View Profile)

Chords / Piano notations
C : Higher Octave
G : Lower Octave

Dm                  Bb      C         Dm
D   D E F A ...  DEFGA    A A# G  E F E C D   

 A A D E E F F    A A D E E F F        
Hitha dura handa nethu langa hanga

F F F F G F E D C  G G  C  D D E E
Sihina ganina hinda thanikama handa

G C  D D E E     E  E E E F E D C A# C D 
Aethaka randa mathaka hitha ahinda

              F       C            Dm
D  D D E D C  C  D E    E E E F E D D
Arutha kiyena senehe  numbama weda manda

Dm               C   
D  D A  G A F  E D C D E G

C  C G F G E   D  C  G C E D

Bbmaj7           C   
A A F E F D  C A  G C D E

Am             Dm  
G G E D E C A G  G A E D 

[Verse 1]
Dm              C 
F F E F F G   E E D C  C  D C A#
aetha athitheka amathana senehe

Bb   C       Dm                     C
A# C E D      F F E F F G   E E D C  C  D C A#
Hithawath karana  sihina pothe kawi dahasak athare

Bb   C        Dm  
A# C E D                
Numbamai windina 

Gm              F
G G  F G A G  F E F F 
nomekena se hadawathe hinda numba

Bb C         Dm
A# C E D                
Aluthen pathana

[Verse 2]
Dm                C
F F E F F G   E E D C  C D C A#
Ahasa wagei numba sithuwa atheethe

Bb   C        Dm
A# C E D                
Mathaketa negena 
F F E F F G   E E D C  C D C A#
hendawena sitha langa thanieta inne

Bb    C        Dm
A# C E D                
 Numbamada kiyana

Gm              F           
G G  F G A G  F E F F    
Issara dawasaka thahanam heene 

Bb   C       Dm
A# C E D                
  aayeth dakina

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Amandi - (2014-04-02)
Supun - (2014-03-22)
   Woooow. Nice work